The 2021 Workshop on User Experience of Artificial Intelligence in Games

This year's workshop is co-located with the 2021 Foundations of Digital Games conference.

The workshop is run via Zoom on August 2, 2021. All times in EDT. Zoom links are available in the FDG2021 (#ux-of-ai) and UXofAI Discords.

Please click this link to join the UXofAI Discord server.

Time Activity
10:00 Opening remarks
10:15 Keynote: Chat Pets and Cheese Plates: The Missing Pieces of Our Online Social Gatherings
Kate Compton, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
Abstract: Yes, we are still here on Zoom. But we are also here on Discord and Animal Crossing, in Twitter threads and in and in Jackbox rooms across the world. Each of these virtual worlds has a different set of affordance that creates a new set of social moves. Let's discover the critical role that game AI can play in these spaces, why you need peripheral vision in a poster session, and why no party is complete without a cheese plate.
11:00 Break (10 min)
11:10 Paper presentations:
  • Rushit Sanghrajka, Eric Lang and R. Michael Young – Generating QUEST Representations for Narrative Plans Consisting of Failed Actions
  • Gorm Lai, Frederic Fol Leymarie and William Latham – A Mixed-Initiative Survey of Digital Content Creation Methods for Video Games
12:00 Break
12:10 Building collaborations around UXofAI: Small group discussions on the field of UXofAI and what is included under that umbrella, aimed at fostering collaborations between researchers within the field.