The 2020 Workshop on User Experience of Artificial Intelligence in Games

This year's workshop is co-located with the 2020 Foundations of Digital Games conference.

The workshop is run via Zoom on September 11, 2020. All times in CEST. Please see FDG website for Zoom link.

Time Activity
17:30 Opening remarks
17:35 Keynote: I Read the Comments...
Tommy Thompson, Lecturer at Kings's College London
Abstract: 'AI and Games' is a YouTube series about research and applications of artificial intelligence in video games. The goal of the series is to help communicate not just how AI works in many popular games, but also the hard work of academics and developers as they try and tackle increasingly complex challenges. This effort to communicate academic and industry endeavours to a broader audience brings with it a unique perspective, not just in how we translate technical information to a wider audience, but how they respond to it in kind. In this talk we will discuss how audiences react to the information presented: the personal experiences shared, the frustrations with AI in video games, the dismissal and rejection of the information presented and what challenges and opportunities this presents for AI in games for the future.
18:20 Break (10 min)
18:30 Paper presentations:
Marcello Gómez-Maureira, Giulio Barbero, Maria Freese and Mike Preus -.Towards a Taxonomy of AI in Hybrid Board Game
Daniel DeKerlegand, Ben Samuel and Jeffrey Leichman - Encoding Socio-Historical Exegesis as Social Physics Predicates
19:20 Break
19:30 Roundtable discussion: What is UX of AI? Research trends and interests